Inspirational Speaker Trav Munro

Inspiring youth through education and self reflection,
releasing them to pursue their dreams.

Help your young people solve problems, achieve goals and relate well to others.

Trav Munro is a Australian inspirational youth speaker, trainer and team builder. His youth success programs and events for teenagers and young adults will bring out the best in your young people. Trav Munro’s mission is to inspire young people to have a voice, to be influential, and to be their best.



Helping teenagers and young adults define what their ideal life looks like

Although it’s not solely a school’s responsibility to build strong, positive minds of students; education departments know that optimistic young people are more engaged to learn at school and to achieve their best in life.

Trav’s work as a youth motivational speaker, delivering youth wellbeing talks to help teenage kids, ensures that young people:

  • make the process of school relevant now and for life after school
  • embrace the challenges during their time at school
  • think positively about what they want to do with their life after school
  • identify the traits for leading a good life
  • see school as a way to develop their character, skills and strengths
  • understand what’s right and honourable in life
  • reframe their experience of school in a positive way
  • take the pressure off themselves and enjoy the process of school
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Youth wellbeing through youth leadership

In his youth wellbeing and leadership sessions, Trav helps teenage kids and young adults rethink and reframe how they approach their:

  • mental and physical health
  • work and personal relationships
  • career and life aspirations
  • financial achievements, and
  • personal success

Developing leadership and teambuilding skills as a teenager opens up opportunities after secondary school is over.

If we can help teenage kids get the most out of their traditional schooling, and, at the same time, support their youth leadership progress, then they’ll be well equipped to work towards their dreams in early adulthood.

Trav partners with schools, organisations and community groups concerned about youth wellbeing and who require help with teenage kids to get the best out of your young people.

Equipping Men Australia


Men’s health and men’s
support services

As fathers of boys, finding time to help with teenage boys as they transition to manhood is difficult, and often unstructured and reactive.

Plus, dealing with work, financial, family and relationship stress can negatively impact men’s health and father-son relationships.

Trav’s Equipping Men workshops help establish the vital role of a father figure, caring mentor or experienced elder, to support a young boy in becoming a man.

Furthermore, rites of passage ceremonies and rituals help anchor stages of development and, simultaneously, improve youth wellbeing.

Building resilience in our young people, and ensuring youth wellbeing is maintained is vital.

As parents and mentors, we must help teenage kids through clear guidance, instruction and correction. How else will we instil resilience, character, discipline, integrity and other time-honoured values?


Trav’s youth success programs in Australia are inspirational events for teenagers designed to identify, equip and release a new generation of leaders to realise their extraordinary potential. During his youth success programs, Trav’s Identify Equip Release™ training concept expands these core principles:

Identify Equip Release™

  • Identify who you are and what you stand for

  • Equip yourself with skills, knowledge and wisdom

  • Release yourself to live an inspired life and achieve your dreams



Trav Munro is available Australia wide. An excellent communicator and storyteller, trainer and facilitator, you can be guaranteed he will connect with your audience.

Every program, talk or activity Trav offers is based on his unique “Identify / Equip / Release™” process. At its core, is the truth that circumstances or events in your life shape you and equip you – if you allow them. When you gain a heartfelt understanding of this, you’ll bounce back from life’s disappointments to impact those around you and unleash your inner genius.