In a world where availability of ideas and information isn’t a problem, the skill it seems is keeping the right things in the forefront of your mind rather than suffering or succumbing to, information overload.  Over a day recently, I had 3 meetings.  I was reminded of 4 simple yet powerful bits of wisdom.

Coffee with a colleague and fellow leadership trainer – Multi-tasking is an out-dated concept.  Set 2-5 goals max per day and stay on task till those are done or at least your input on those tasks is complete (if it involves others also)

Wisdom #1 – Stay focused, “the man who chases 2 rabbits doesn’t catch either”

Cuppa tea with a mentor – When we fall short of behaving like the person we aspire to be or at times we stuff up things.  It doesn’t mean we are less qualified to do what we do.  Our (your!) intention is pure, don’t buy into self-loathing that robs you of your ability to serve others.

Wisdom #2 – Remind yourself of your intention daily and move on from perceived failure.

Still, in my Mentors kitchen – Everyone has the choice to choose.  We offer services that we believe in and in my case, I’ve seen them drastically change peoples lives.  Some people take the opportunity.  Some may not.  Either way, divorce yourself of the outcome, it’s simply an offer.

Wisdom #3 – Some people choose to stay where they are, that is not a reflection of what you have to offer.

Sitting with a client planning an activity – I was struck by their vulnerability and honesty as they shared what was frustrating them.  One principle I teach in leaders is “that everything rises and falls on leadership”.  In other words, leadership is the key, it’s invariably always the solution and therefore always the problem.

I was humbled to have the privilege of being confided in (& be asked to help).  Leadership started with being honest enough to say “this is what isn’t working”

Wisdom #4 – Humility is an aspect of leadership that is undervalued, yet powerful.

I trust you find these timely and worthwhile as I did.  And remember the saying that existed well before the information age came about.  Keep it Simple Stupid – KISS