The greatest thing I learnt whilst working for a commercial printer a few years back was to embrace the chaos as we were implementing change and seeking greater efficiency.

It was only as we were prepared to push “how it was always done” and embrace the chaos as we sort to do things differently, that as a business we changed, evolved and achieved success in a new venture.  I am exceedingly grateful for my boss at the time pushing me in this area as it helped me to discover a weakness I needed to work on, and as I did push myself I discovered a universal truth that has changed my life for the better.

Think for a second, when you have had breakthroughs in your life, moments that have defined you and moved you forward, did everything go swimmingly well beforehand?  I doubt it.  Nothing Changes, if Nothing Changes.  If you are experiencing a lull in your life if you are having the same types of problems reoccur in your personal, business or social life if you have hit a ceiling and cannot get past it.  Then that is Life’s way of feeding back to you that you need to embrace change, or to put it another way, chaos.  When you see it this way, you give yourself a chance to move past it.  Look for the hidden order in things.  Things we haven’t learnt get caught in cycles, often perceived as chaos until we decide to act.  If you read this and think that’s ok for some but I’m ok, then ask yourself, do I really believe that or am I in denial?  I hope you value yourself enough to answer honestly.  If your answer is yes, awesome, if not, then I encourage you, do something different.

I struggle.  I struggle with feelings of inadequacy, I struggle with doubt, I struggle to follow through with ideas and action at times.  I’ve been through the biggest struggle of my life recently, but I’m learning to embrace the chaos, and I’m telling you, in some crazy way, I now enjoy the chaos.  The net effect, I have never been calmer, more focused and unswayed by my emotions or other peoples opinions of me.  And most importantly, I know where I heading.  I wish the same for you, a little chaos and a little calm and the ability to see the hidden order in things.