Enhancing youth wellbeing through skilled
and dedicated help with teenage kids

Are you concerned that young people in your life—who you love and care about—aren’t grasping opportunities, or making their way in the world?


Would you like to help your teenage kids, students or young adults to be more prepared for life after school?

Youth wellbeing and supporting young men’s health has been a core focus of Trav Munro’s work and help with teenage kids for many years.

“One-on-one, Trav is warm, engaging and inspiring, without being overbearing as some so-called self-help gurus can be. He doesn’t sell quick fixes, and he will challenge you, but that just makes it all the more rewarding. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Trav’s services to anyone, in any field or stage of life or work…”


Help with teenage kids to make the most of school

Australia has one of the best education systems in the world to help teenage kids succeed.

But do our young people make the most of their time at school? Do teenage kids go on to lead fulfilling, rewarding lives after secondary school? Currently, the statistics of depression and suicide in middle-aged people in Australia suggest that this is not the case.

Although it’s not solely a school’s responsibility to build strong, positive minds of students; education departments know that optimistic young people are more engaged to learn at school and to achieve their best in life.

Trav’s work as a youth motivational speaker, delivering youth wellbeing talks to help teenage kids, ensures that young people:

  • make the process of school relevant now and for life after school
  • embrace the challenges during their time at school
  • think positively about what they want to do with their life after school
  • identify the traits for leading a good life
  • see school as a way to develop their character, skills and strengths
  • understand what’s right and honourable in life
  • reframe their experience of school in a positive way
  • take the pressure off themselves and enjoy the process of school


Youth wellbeing through youth leadership

Having endured his own challenges during high school, Trav now offers help with teenage kids through his youth leadership programs.

In his youth wellbeing and leadership sessions, Trav helps teenage kids and young adults rethink and reframe how they approach their:

  • mental and physical health
  • work and personal relationships
  • career and life aspirations
  • financial achievements, and
  • personal success

Developing leadership and teambuilding skills as a teenager, opens up opportunities after secondary school is over.

If we can help teenage kids get the most out of their traditional schooling, and, at the same time, support their youth leadership progress, then they’ll be well equipped to work towards their dreams in early adulthood.

Trav partners with schools, organisations and community groups concerned about youth wellbeing and who require help with teenage kids to get the best out of your young people.


Men’s health and men’s
support services

As fathers of boys, finding time to help with teenage boys as they transition to manhood is difficult, and often unstructured and reactive.

Plus, dealing with work, financial, family and relationship stress can negatively impact men’s health and father son relationships.

Trav’s Equipping Men workshops help establish the vital role of a father figure, caring mentor or experienced elder, to support a young boy in becoming a man.

Furthermore, rites of passage ceremonies and rituals help anchor stages of development and, simultaneously, improve youth wellbeing.

Building resilience in our young people, and ensuring youth wellbeing is maintained is vital.

As parents and mentors, we must help teenage kids through clear guidance, instruction and correction. How else will we instil resilience, character, discipline, integrity and other time-honoured values?