Equipping Men: How Rite of Passage stages equip and support men into adulthood and beyond, ensuring honorable character and rewarding relationships


The transition from a boy to a man is a momentous time for young teenage men in Australia. For some boys, growing into a man is a rewarding, memorable part of their life.

Yet for others, becoming a man can be extremely challenging.

Approaching manhood and rite of passage stages can be a truly difficult phase for boys to endure. Sometimes with devastating consequences.

Importantly, a male mentor, family elder or father figure—to support and guide your boy along his journey to manhood—can be life-changing.

That’s why Trav Munro has developed his ‘Equipping Men’ series of presentations, workshops and multi-day camps to improve father-son dynamics and support men. During these special events, Trav offers practical support and useful strategies for adult men in father-son relationships.

Trav’s outgoing honest approach and high-value information help dads to guide their son’s transition to manhood in a powerful, meaningful way.

“We’ve created a society set on eliminating all risk, fear, failure and bad experience, supposedly to protect our kids. However, all we’ve done is remove the fundamental building blocks of life. Men, it’s time to step up and guide our kids as they develop into young men and women. I’m here to support men and reignite your ‘Father’s heart’ to help you mentor your kids with strength and conviction.”
– Trav Munro

Understanding and adapting father-son family connections through men’s support

Equipping young men to lead inspired lives takes conscious parenting and in-the-moment adjustments to reflect your child’s needs.

There’s no right or wrong way because every father and son relationship is unique.

Establishing and strengthening the father-son connection, with Trav Munro’s structured support, has powerful benefits. These include helping your boy to:

  • celebrate that becoming a man is a significant phase in his life
  • recognise and understand the risky actions men take
  • move towards constructive beneficial behaviours
  • establish his boundaries and life values
  • make more worthwhile choices in life
  • be accountable and responsible for his actions
  • improve his communication with family
  • connect with peers and cultivate meaningful friendships

But knowing how to help your son, especially if he’s not coping with school challenges or other negative influences in his life, isn’t always easy or straightforward.

Taking time out from your busy routine, away from technology, to be with your boy as his father, mentor, elder or adult friend, will hold lifelong meaning to him. Why not make great memories and make a difference in his life today?

A special note to single mums

Trav’s focus on men, boys and men’s support also extends to helping single mums of young boys and teenage boys who don’t yet have a strong male mentor or role model in their life.

Trav has a specific program he runs to challenge and help boys find a male role model they can engage with before they start taking risks with school peers and potentially develop negative habits. Rites of passage, father-son concepts and men’s support topics will be touched on while encouraging your son to find a male mentor for his support.

Trav’s boys-only program helps boys with a mum as their main carer, to harness their masculine energy positively. Trav inspires your son to stay enthusiastic and learn how to direct his energy into productive activities and, importantly, avoid destructive behaviours. Please contact Trav for more information about this unique program.

Men’s support programs to equip boys for adulthood

Trav Munro delivers unique presentations, workshops and adventure-based activities that support men, and enhance father and son relationships.

Trav’s tailored events draw on understanding traditional rite of passage stages to help guide boys into manhood and, at the same time, help adult men to become better men.

Also, Trav supports men and fathers to make conscious choices about parenting. Father and son attendees gain valuable opportunities to connect in a greater way and establish deeper mutual respect.

“I couldn’t recommend a better way to bond with your loved ones. Spending time with Trav at one of his camps is a perfect opportunity to get away from the routine and to realign with what’s really important.”

Celebrate as father and son with Rite of Passage stages to manhood

Based on insights from indigenous practices and age-old rite of passage stages, Trav Munro’s Equipping Men programs provide father and son participants with:

  • a greater understanding of what it means to become a man
  • learning the fundamental relationships that exist between men of all ages
  • what’s essential for men’s support and development of resilient young men
  • a safe space away from life’s demands for cultivating father and son connections

Participants learn how honouring rite of passage stages helps both boys and men respect and appreciate the importance of entering manhood and valuing the journey to get there.

Trav’s desire to support men by improving father and son relationships has the end goal to empower the entire family unit.

In Trav’s experience with young people and motivating youth audiences, he’s found that young people want to know the boundaries and values expected of them. Importantly, if that information is provided by a respected mentor or elder figure in their life, the impact is far stronger.

“My husband and son attended Trav’s ‘Father Son’ camp in January this year. They had an amazing time learning new skills, overcoming some fears and coming together with other dads and sons. What was most special was the chance to connect at a deeper level, set up some mutual agreements, learn how to communicate effectively and how best to navigate sticking points in their father son relationship moving forward!”

Talk for primary school boys & dads

Trav Munro shares an engaging, timely keynote talk entitled ‘Understanding the Manhood Journey’ for primary age boys. Designed to empower young boys in Australian primary schools, along with their dads, this presentation covers the importance of encouraging and celebrating Rite of Passage stages. Ideal for primary schools, community organisations and groups looking to support young boys and their fathers, and empower families with valuable parenting information.

Background information about Rites of Passage stages in Australia

Trav’s father-son work draws on understanding the traditional rite of passage stages. Sadly, such rite of passage rituals and ceremonial traditions have almost vanished from our modern-day experience of life.

In the context of Trav Munro’s men’s support and equipping men services, Rites of Passage stages mark important changes in your son’s life and help to guide him into adulthood.


From six years of age, boys reach a developmental rite of passage stage and start to separate physically from their parents, especially divorcing from his mother. This means it’s perfectly normal in our society for a boy to go to school on his own and do simple tasks for himself during this rite of passage stage.

But if a boy’s parents are over-nurturing during this separation rite of passage stage or the child is lazy, often the parents continue to do things for them or help them with tasks they could easily do on their own when taught how i.e. tie their shoelaces. If the parent doesn’t create a situation, during this rite of passage stage, where their son can separate in this way to start to take personal responsibility for looking after some of his basic physical needs, then the son will separate verbally and emotionally. That’s when bad behaviour plays out.


From nine years of age, boys start looking more to their dads to understand risks and learn behaviours in the ‘transition’ rite of passage stage. Between 10 to 12 years of age, boys love and respect their dads. At this rite of passage stage, their dad is the centre of their universe, the ‘alpha’ male, the person they want to be with and learn from.

With Trav’s help, dads can understand this rite of passage stage more deeply and take the opportunity to maximise this rite of passage stage, to guide their son’s development positively. A dad shows his son that ‘we can work this stuff out together’. A boy’s confidence and self-assurance increases during this rite of passage stage when he knows that ‘Dad’s here for you’ and sees you…


From 13 years of age, boys entering the ‘incorporation’ rite of passage stage, start to separate from their fathers and incorporate what they’ve learnt to establish their adult identity. At this rite of passage stage, sons know they love their fathers, but they also know they’re not the same person as their dad – they have their own unique identity. Sometimes there’s an ‘identity crisis’ as they decide whether or not it’s ok to think differently to their dad, and in doing so, to understand that they’re not rejecting their father by doing this.

When the father and son have taken risks together to reinforce this rite of passage stage for their relationship, and have talked about what’s to come, it’s much easier for the father to give the son space, respect and understanding. And, in return, for the son to accept that his father’s discipline and guidance is given to ensure the son’s best interests are upheld wholeheartedly during this rite of passage stage.

During the 13 to 17 years old period for boys, with a solid and respectful father-son relationship consolidated during rites of passage stages, a son-in-crisis can return to the family unit, knowing the door is open, for the support that could be lifesaving.