Youth Life Skills trainer Trav Munro

Are you looking for a youth motivational speaker to inspire young people at your school or organisation?


Do you need an engaging youth motivational speaker who’ll cut through the crap, deal with the tough topics and genuinely connect with your students?

Australian youth today face a 1-in-5 chance of experiencing depression and/or anxiety. They also confront alarming rates of youth suicide.

Now, more than ever, youth motivational speaker, Trav Munro, is determined to act and help reverse this trend.

Working with youth in diverse roles for over 20 years, Trav Munro has seen the influence society and technology has on young people’s self-esteem and satisfaction with life.

While there are many upsides to cultural trends and new technologies; it’s the resulting downsides of…

  • risk-taking behaviours
  • poor behaviour in class
  • low self-confidence
  • over sensitivity and nervousness
  • mediocre academic results
  • self-harm and inflicting harm on others
  • underachieving
  • negative views of life, and more

… that many schools and organisations are seeking to address by partnering with a leading youth motivational speaker.

Inspire young people with key topics by youth motivational speaker, Trav Munro

  • Giving Young People Permission To Dream
  • Without Risk, There’s No Reward
  • Doing The Work – Self Leadership
  • Leadership – How to Lead
  • Maintaining Your Mental Health
  • The Circle of Privilege
  • Understanding The Manhood Journey

Learning about honour, integrity and trust—both as a serving soldier in the Australian Army and professional leadership roles—Trav Munro is well-equipped to deliver high-impact youth motivational speaker events focussed on these time-honoured values that lead to privilege.

Struggling at school relationships during his teenage years, yet equipped with valuable insight and hard-won wisdom, Trav Munro works as a youth motivational speaker to inspire young people across Australia. And, most importantly, save our young people from suicide.

Sharing realistic strategies and powerful tools with your students—to use during school and into adulthood—Trav Munro is driven to inspire young people; to help create tomorrow’s empowered adults, thoughtful change-makers and community leaders.

Are your young people:

  • frustrated with their subject results?
  • in need of inspiration and greater peace of mind?
  • finding it hard to have positive peer relationships?
  • dissatisfied with school life?
  • directing their energy into risk-taking behaviours?
  • acting up in class and losing their focus on learning?
  • not sure what they want to do with their lives?
  • pressured to ‘be successful,’ but unsure what success means to them?

As a youth motivational speaker, Trav Munro, inspires young people with:

  • engaging youth speaker presentations; tailored through consultation to the unique needs of your school, students or organisation
  • high-impact messages and self-reflection worksheets, ensuring students have the ‘next step’ plan covered to keep them motivated and engaged in their personal development
  • one-on-one youth mentoring, engagement, support and communication access via Trav’s ongoing inspiration and insights on his social media channels
  • keynote youth motivational speaker events at any location, to any sized group, with travel and accommodation costs covered by the client

The command of an influential visitor

Listening to ‘an outsider’ speak often has a greater effect to inspire young people than the same message delivered by teachers and parents. Agreed?

Youth motivational speaker, Trav Munro, an unfamiliar face to your audience, yet who knows how to fully engage young people, will deliver a powerful message with impact and influence.

Make the most of youth motivational speaker, Trav Munro

Trav Munro speaks from the heart to inspire young people and community leaders. At the same time, Trav’s presentations can help parents, teachers, communities, families and friends support young people to live inspired lives and achieve their dreams.

To inspire more young people in your school community, and leverage your investment in a youth motivational speaker, Trav Munro is available to work a full-day and evening program.

He’ll deliver multiple 2-hour (double period) sessions, back to back, to reach different student age-groups. For example, during the school day Trav can inspire young people in Years 7-8, then Years 9-10, then Years 11-12, plus deliver a related session for teachers to discover the best way to continue to empower students after Trav’s foundational work.

Further, Trav can also run an after-hours parent session, aligned with the student content, to connect with the student’s parents and help them maximise the benefits within each family of your school community.

Just one presentation – with youth motivational speaker, Trav Munro,
inspiring young people – could have profound results…

  • It was a life-changing experience. Trav talked to us about leadership and behaviour. I really think I’ll take the things he said with me all through my life. It was an interesting and unique set of activities that pushed everyone past what they thought was possible… – Year 9 student
  • I’ve always thought being scared was a bad thing. However, after my session with Trav, I found myself thinking differently. Sometimes it’s ok to be scared and to let ourselves feel that – so we can use it to push our limits. That’s how we find courage… – 1st-year university student
  • Trav’s help was indispensable when I went through a crisis last year. His guidance led me to realise my dream of pursuing my passion for music and I’m now undertaking studies this year to do so – all due to his help. Thanks, Trav! – Young adult