Trav’s PURPOSE is to serve and inspire people, expressing integrity at all times. Trav uses adventure to assist people in developing self-reliance and discover their true self.

Trav’s VISION is to identify, equip and release a generation of leaders that are changing the way people perceive their world.  These leaders and the people they reach are inspired, grateful and aware that everyone is unique, extraordinary and has unlimited potential and are helping others realise the same.

Trav’s MISSION is to communicate fundamental principles of self-reliance / self-awareness and through presentations and adventure programs, helping people discover these things for themselves and developing the ability to work together whilst understanding that people are different.

Trav is a high achiever with a varied and diverse background; he excels at anything he puts his mind to. Previously working in the not-for-profit sector with youth at risk, in various sales management roles, and even as a freelance photographer, predominately with the Herald Sun, Trav’s broad experiences give him some fascinating stories to tell.

Core to his working life is a focus on leadership and working with people. Having managed large teams and sales budgets Trav knows how to get the best out of people and work towards ‘win-win’ outcomes for all.


Behind every program, talk or experience, the following principles form the basis for Trav and his team’s interaction with your young people.

Primary Focus

Success through perseverance rather than intelligence.

All activities and debriefings are designed to highlight, encourage and praise a ‘can do’ attitude. Or, as Dr Carol Dweck has termed it, a ‘growth mind-set’. By providing participants with the opportunity to dig deep and commit to a task, the resulting experience is often the joy and pride of solving a problem or challenge. Facilitation and debriefing focuses and praises effort, perseverance and commitment, rather than aptitude, competency or intelligence.

Secondary Focus

Personal ownership of influence.

A secondary focus is placed on personal influence and effort. Based on Stephen Covey’s ‘above or below the line’ behaviours, participants are challenged to self-assess their behaviours and start to ask how that behaviour contributes to the overall group or team dynamic.

Leadership Awareness / Theory

Based on John Adair’s ‘Action Centred Leadership’, participants are introduced to a Functional Leadership model that proves that leadership can be learnt and is not inherently something that a person is born with. Linking this with the ethos of personal ownership of influence, participants start to appreciate that they can perform leadership tasks in their own right without having to adopt a different demeanour whilst in the role. The three areas – Task, Team & Individual – are focused on in the facilitation and debriefing to assist participants in starting to become consciously aware of how they can influence (lead) others.