A couple of weekends ago, for the Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal, my youngest daughter was asked to contribute by being interviewed about her illness.

She has been going to the kids’ hospital from about the age of 9 weeks, first for an unformed hip and then later from about the age of 4 and a half, for arthritis. We went to Melbourne and did our little 3-minute interview for the Good Friday Appeal and it reignited in me the inspiration I have to see us stop trying to protect our kids from everything.

If you are trying to stop your child getting hurt, bullied, scared, embarrassed and any other perceived “bad” experience or emotion, you could actually be doing them a disservice. What you are trying to avoid (and don’t worry, I’ve been in this boat too) you are actually creating in your child. You see kids need experiences in life that help them find qualities like resilience, courage & perseverance. It is these qualities that lead to “Self Reliance” and “Self Esteem”.

When I heard the diagnosis for my little girl, nearly every fibre of my being wanted to protect her. But then I heard a faint voice/intuition inside of me. It was that inner knowing that this situation could serve her, make her a stronger person. Ultimately, make me a better person. And it has, I’m more tolerate, more supportive, more aware, most importantly, more grateful for the gift that is good health and life.

Life is a gift. Don’t try and protect your kids from bad experiences, instead, allow them to test themselves, find something extra in themselves. This ultimately sets them free and develops in them all the qualities I listed above.